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Is the RAP fee refundable if I decide to drop the RAP?

The RAP fee is only refundable if you drop the RAP by the third Wednesday of classes in the fall semester. Keep in mind that if you drop the RAP, you may have to move to a different room or residence hall, since there are specific rooms in Williams Village North designated for the Sustainable by Design RAP.


Does the Sustainable by Design RAP offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships up to $850. All RAP members will receive a scholarship announcement with the criteria and deadlines each year. In addition, the CU College of Engineering and Applied Science offers a partial scholarship to all engineering students living in the SbD RAP (or one of the other two engineering RAPs).  Contact the program coordinator for more details.


What is a typical day like for a Sustainable by Design RAP student?

You’ll wake up and walk downstairs to class—no need to even change out of your pajamas. Then, you’ll attend the rest of your classes on central campus and head back to Will Vill North for a barbecue, a chili cook-off, a movie showing, or one of the other fun events we offer during the semester. You can also participate in weekend trips to the Farmers’ Market or other field trips related to sustainability.


How do I apply to be in the Sustainable by Design RAP?

For freshmen and those applying for CU housing, select Williams Village North—Sustainable by Design RAP as your first choice on your housing application. For those not living on campus, contact the program coordinator at


Do I have to live in Williams Village North to be in the Sustainable by Design RAP?

No. We have students who live off campus that participate in the RAP. Contact the program coordinator at if you live off campus and would like to join the RAP.


Why should I choose the Sustainable by Design RAP over other RAPs?

Most RAPs are for freshmen only. In the Sustainable by Design RAP, you can participate throughout your college career in various ways. You can continue to take classes in the RAP, since we offer upper-division courses as well, or you can participate in a teaching assistant role. You will graduate with extensive knowledge of social entrepreneurship and sustainability.


What is the cost to be in the Sustainable by Design RAP?

There is an annual fee of $850 that will be charged on your fall semester bill.